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    Please complete the new client submissions form to the best of your ability.

  • First three chapters of your manuscript
    Double-spaced, Times New Roman, twelve point size font.
  • 100 word Synopsis
    Double-spaced, Times New Roman, twelve point size font.
  • Curriculum Vitae
    Required for all pertinent biographical and contact information.

  • Covering Letter
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  • SAE (Optional)
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Manuscript Submission Policy

The Schiel & Denver Book Group warmly encourages high quality manuscript submissions and proposals in all literary genres; our review committee particularly welcomes debut novelists who wish to send in their work for consideration. Your submission will be given careful evaluation for appropriate literary merit by the review committee, but unfortunately the committee is not able to offer any kind of analysis of manuscripts which have been rejected.

Please note that The Schiel & Denver Book Group can only accept a small percentage of the manuscripts we receive, and we contact authors who our review committee has an expressed interest in considering for international publication, to request their full manuscript within 8 weeks from the date of receipt; however during busy periods response time may be longer, so we ask that you don't chase.

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Your submissions package should include:

  • Download, print and complete the above New Client application form; please ensure you complete all fields and be as accurate as possible in your responses;
  • Submit a covering letter that includes your vision for the future of your publishing career, all current and future promotional resources you have available;
  • Your curriculum vitae, background information about yourself, a one hundred word synopsis and the first three chapters of your submission on double spaced paper;
  • If you wish to confirm receipt, enclose a stamped addressed postcard which we can return to you. Schiel & Denver only considers manuscript submissions by mail. We do not accept submissions by email and will neither look at or return any submissions sent in this format.

Manuscript Formatting Guidelines for Submissions

The Schiel & Denver Book Group's manuscript review committee offer the following set recommendations for authors submitting their manuscripts:

Page Formatting

Submit a double-spaced typed manuscript in Times New Roman font, on standard A4 page size (8.5" by 11"), with clear margins set at 1.5" and top and bottom margins at 1.0". Text should be justified flush right, without hyphenation and not smaller than size twelve point type. Chapters should begin on a new page. For poetry and short stories, please ensure clear headings are used throughout to make your manuscript as readable as possible.

Photographs, Maps and Illustrations

You may submit illustrative material and photographs to accompany your manuscript; if you have already hired or employed the work of a professional illustrator please enclose full professional details including name, copyright and membership of any professional arts bodies.

Copyright & Permissions

If you have used material belonging to third-party copyright holders, you must be accurate in declaring which sources you have cited in your submission. Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, you may cite limited material for literary criticism, but the law is complex in this area and you would be better leaving the matter to one of Schiel & Denver's in-house publishing lawyers to determine what will require written permission.

However, if you have already identified instances in your work which will likely require a permissions request to reprint, we provide this form free to charge for the purpose of acquiring permission from third-party authors and publishers.

References to companies and living individuals

If you have cited information about living persons or companies in your manuscript, you must be explicit and unambiguous in declaring the exact details in a separate document appended to your submissions package. As responsible publishers, Schiel & Denver has a legal duty to ensure that your book is safe to publish and that any statements in your book that are purporting to be facts are indeed true.

Chicago Manual Of Style

The Schiel & Denver Book Group adheres toThe Chicago Manual of Style in all matters of punctuation, grammatical structure, and literary content; which is the industry standard for professional editors. It may also be useful to familiarize yourself with our proofmarks system, which is derived from both Oxford and American Heritage dictionaries.

DO NOT send:

  • Any originals or the only copy of your manuscript, photographs and documents as we cannot be held responsible in any way for loss or damage of any material you submit. Submission Materials will be used for review purposes only to determine whether your project will be accepted by The Schiel & Denver Book Group. After our review committee performs its evaluation, the Submission Materials will be destroyed to protect your copyright;

  • Handwritten or poorly presented manuscripts. Schiel & Denver's review committee will not read any handwritten manuscripts, anything illegible or printed on substandard paper.
  • Any form of computerized equipment including CD/DVDs, USB sticks, floppy disks or other types of digital storage devices. These will be destroyed unopened.

Submissions By Mail Only

The Schiel & Denver Book Group
Acquisitions Department
PO BOX 6300
London W1A 2ES

Great Britain

If you have questions before submitting to The Schiel & Denver Book Group, you may email our senior acquisitions editor, Camilla Bowles-Hartley, for further information. Unfortunately due to the exceptionally high workload of our editorial staff, we are not able to take enquiries by phone at the submissions stage.